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Pensive Mode On...

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Wow! It has been seven months since I last posted a blog.

2021 started off with so much of hope and signs that we will get out of this pandemic. Alas! it was only wishful thinking.

Lockdowns in Malaysia are like the ebb and flow of the tide and spurred on by our frustrating and unjust political agenda. It gives you a sense of hopelessness, pulling us into a downward spiral emotionally. Most of us from the creative industry are also on survival mode and I must say it has been a challenge to remain motivated.

Current climate is to keep on 'keeping on' and being as creative and productive as possible despite the doom and gloom scenario. It takes so much to be resilient during trying times but I am grateful for all the blessings that have come my way; smaller projects, commissions and back to back shows both physically and online.

I would like to remind myself of the silver linings by sharing my journey this year, a mid year review I suppose to help me keep my chin up and spirits high. Most of all I hope it gives you the inspiration to find solace through creativity during this uncertain times.

The photo collages above are a round up of some significant milestones for me this year (shows, launching my logo, attending workshops, R&D, developing new tools, spending quality time in the studio, working on digital pieces and many more). Most of my group shows were held online and I am so thankful this platform is available for me and my fellow artists in Malaysia and across the globe.

What milestones did you achieve? Use this opportunity to plan and understand the direction you would like to move into in your journey. You got this!

Stay safe and take care. Hang in there Peeps. We can do this...together.

Lots of Love,


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