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Corona Times

With noise almost eliminated especially at night during the movement control order (MCO) here in KL, I have been automatically going into reflective mode. A journey into me.

Initially I found myself constantly facing fears I felt from the collective. Fears of losing ones identity, creativity, relevance, finance, health, basic needs, validation and the purpose of our footprint on the planet.

The deeper I dived into this abyss the more I uncovered a myriad of emotions and forgotten or perhaps blocked memories; joy, sorrow, uncertainty, dodged responsibilities, neglected relationships, regrets but most of all how hard I have been on myself.

It also dawned to me that what negativity I saw in others is actually a reflection of me in my subconscious mind. Hence I began the journey of uncovering these themes through the best way I know how to express art.

Working through my journey second by second with no expectations just passion and to trust the process and trajectory I am being lead to. When your purpose is to be your truest self, the veil disappears and you find that your journey is more important than the destination.

It's an arduous task as I believe my cultural programming has been strong. But through self awareness, I hope to break free, honouring both my light and shadow side and to keep growing.

So....what have you been reflecting on during these uncertain Corona times?


I decided to capture my experiences and observation during the movement control order (MCO) here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia through minimalistic naive digital art. It was so much fun creating them and what a pleasant surprise it was when a number of my Instagram followers enjoyed them too. Captured so many wonderful comments of encouragement, love and support. Thank you peeps!

I have made them available as special edition limited fine art prints on my website. Should you wish to own any of the prints or to gift them to a loved one, you can reach me at for more details.

Love and Light to you.

Big Hugs,


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