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Once Upon A Time...

Updated: May 28, 2020

...there was a little girl who loved bright colours and creating magical art. Fast forward 40 years...she takes that crucial step to fulfil her journey towards her dreams by creating wonderfully bright, colourful and magical art pieces to uplift her world.

Dreams do come true when you pursue it with all your heart and passion.

In 2017 I quit my twenty-year journey in the corporate world, went on an epic soul searching trip for two months and returned with vigour and clarity to create art that inspires me to live my authentic life...and so begin my inward journey. Who am I really? Why do I want to create art? How can I make a difference?..and many many more questions I dared not ask for years, simply living a pre-conceived idea of how I should live my life. It opened many doors, some of which, I didn't want opened. However I began seeing shifts within me and my environment and lo behold I began to change. I felt my eyes were truly seeing everything in its true essence...seeing and experiencing everything like a child would. The veil was lifted.

Here I am after three years on, finally mustering the courage in capturing and documenting my journey in this humble site as I see and experience the world through colours, shapes and textures through my inner child.

I plan to share my art processes, snippets & stories working from my home studio and the wonderful galleries, spaces & places I have had the privilege to visit and meeting super talented yet humble individuals who have taught me to grow and appreciate my love and passion for creativity and the arts.

If you have any areas you would like to hear more about, please message me and I will do my best to address them in my future blog posts.

Thank you once again for reading my post. I can't wait to share my journey as a full time artist with you. Stay safe.

Love and light to you.

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