Artist Profile

Rekha Menon is a self-taught artist who finally took the plunge to go full-time into visual arts after over a decade being a branding and media relations professional. Menon, a Malaysian artist born and based in Kuala Lumpur, combines naïve figurations and abstract motifs in her body of work. She loves to explore the mystery of our subconscious mind.  Her bright and colourful palette flows with lines, shapes, patterns, symbols and shading to signify the plethora of expressions and feelings. Menon’s artworks have been showcased at international platforms in Italy, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. She was recognized with a Honourable Award by the International Watercolour Society for its 2018 International Watercolour Biennale. Her works are currently in private collections in Italy, Germany, Norway, Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Singapore and Malaysia.

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary artist working with mixed media. My artworks tend to gravitate towards naïve and pop art. I use a lot of bright colours, repetitive patterns and textures in my artworks. My current influences are Yayoi Kusama, Izumi Kato, Henri Matisse, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rafiee Ghani, Charles Cham, Dedy Sufriadi and Heri Dono. Understanding the human element has always interested me. I love to explore the multi-dimensional aspect of us as humans through our emotions, self-awareness and interconnectedness. I believe that when every person is given the right care and opportunity, there will be more empathy and kindness in this world.

Selected Exhibitions


Chetak12 - Online Group Show - "ArtAidArtist" – August 2021 - Selangor, Malaysia

Artomovement - Online Group Virtual Show - "VIRTUE (AL)" – August 2021 - Selangor, Malaysia

ArtVoice Gallery - Online Group Show - "Pop Art" – June 2021 - Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia & Philippines

Zhan Art Space - Group Show - "Duality" – March 2021 - Selangor, Malaysia

KL City Art Gallery (ArtVoice Collective) - Online Group Show - "In This Moment" – February 2021 - MY & NY


Greydea Studio - Group Show - "Part 2: Letter to Basquiat" – January 2021 - KL, Malaysia

Inner Joy Art Gallery - Group Show - "Be Kind. Have Courage" – October 2020 - Selangor, Malaysia


KL City Art Gallery (ArtVoice Collective) - Online Group Show - "Tale of Two Cities– Sep 2020 - MY & SG

Penang State Art Gallery & Museum - Group Show - "Beyond 2020" - August 2020 - Malaysia


Artemis Gallery - Group Show - "Part 1: Conversation with Basquiat" – August 2020 - Malaysia

Galeri Shah Alam - Group Show - PERUPA - "Satu: Masterpiece" – March 2020 - Malaysia


Atelier 11 Gallery - Group Show - "International Women’s Day" – March 2020 - Malaysia

Chang Chui Gallery - Group Show - "Friendship: Art & Connectivity" - October 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand

Publika Art Show (UEM, Segaris & Artemis) - Group Show - "Sama - Sama" - August 2019 - KL, Malaysia


Padepokan Apel Watoe Gallery - Group Show - "The Path of Love" - July 2019 - Jogjakarta, Indonesia


Ilford Gallery - Group Show - "ArtiKarya Incubation Program Graduation" - February 2019 - Malaysia


UM Art Gallery (Opposite Abstract Collective) - Group Show - "Non-Finito" – December 2019 - Malaysia


Wicked Art Space (Studio Mekar Collective) - Group Show - "MyMory" - November 2018 - Malaysia


Mona Gallery - Group Show - "Celebrating Life" – March 2018 - Tokyo, Japan

2010 - present
2010 - present

Honourable Award Recipient - International Watercolour Biennale 2018


MA in Communication Management (University of South Australia)

BA in Media & Communication (Murdoch University, Australia)