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Rekha Menon (b.1976) is a self-taught artist who took the leap to pursue a full-time career in visual arts after spending over a decade in the branding and media relations field. Born in Malaysia, her formative years were spent in Penang. She is currently based in Kuala Lumpur.

Menon's pop artistic style combines elements of stylised figurations and abstract motifs, creating a unique body of work to captivate the viewer's imagination. Fascinated by the enigma of the subconscious mind, Menon employs a vibrant and colourful palette that harmoniously intertwines lines, shapes, patterns, symbols, and shading. This interplay of visual elements signifies the vast spectrum of emotions and expressions she seeks to convey. 

Menon's artwork has garnered international recognition, with her pieces showcased on prestigious platforms in Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, and Thailand. Notably, her talent was acknowledged with an Honourable Award from the International Watercolour Society (IWS) during its 2018 International Watercolour Biennale. 

Through her art, Rekha Menon continues to explore the depths of human emotions and the hidden landscapes of the mind.

Selected Exhibitions



Numaisah Gah - "Emperor's New Clothes" - May 2023 - Lahore, Pakistan

Treasury Museum Khon Kean - "Capturing the Moment" - March 2023 - Khon Kean, Thailand

Karja Art Space - "Awakening" - Residency Solo Show - July 2022 - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Chang Chui Gallery - "Friendship: Art & Connectivity" - October 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand

Padepokan Apel Watoe Gallery - "The Path of Love" - July 2019 - Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Mona Gallery - "Celebrating Life" – March 2018 - Tokyo, Japan



Nadine Fine Art Gallery - Flowers in Art - June 2023 - PJ, Malaysia

Hin Bus Depot & Zhan Art Space - Of Spaces In Between - April 2023 - Penang & PJ, Malaysia

ARmenian Park - (Augmented Reality) "Women's Day Collaboration" - March 2023 - Penang, Malaysia

ArtVoice Gallery - Awakening (Residency Solo Show) - September 2022 - KL, Malaysia

HOMs & Chetak 17 - Print Making Open Show 2022 - September 2022 - KL, Malaysia

Galeri Prima (ArtVoice Collective) - reSET - May 2022 - KL, Malaysia

MAYBANK Gallery - Virtual Show - "Light & Dark" - January 2022 - KL, Malaysia 

2010 - present

Honourable Award Recipient - International Watercolour Biennale 2018

2010 - present

Karja Art Space - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia - 2022


MA in Communication Management (University of South Australia)

BA in Media & Communication (Murdoch University, Australia)

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