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ARTIKARYA Giclee Prints   

 (In collaboration with Giclee Art Sdn Bhd)

BAlANCE  Series

Each artwork is a limited edition of 10, tokenised by NFT, governed by Blockchain and presented as Giclée Fine Art print on canvas.  

Artworks are printed and managed by Artikarya, an innovative e-commerce platform leveraging RFID tagging to safeguard artists intellectual property rights, ensuring each artwork remains exclusive and protected from unauthorised reproduction or sale.

Arteesan Pte Ltd, operating as serves as a comprehensive digital platform, empowering artists with an end-to-end toolkit to create, promote and sell artworks through the revolutionary concept of NFTs.

Utilising NFT technology as an authentication solution enables collectors and buyers to verify the provenance of each artwork, thereby enhancing its value and desirability in the market. 

All Copyright and Reproduction Rights are retained by the artist. All artworks may not be reproduced by any process without the expressed written permission of the artist.

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