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Be Kind. Have Courage

Updated: May 6, 2021

How are you…truly?

It dawned to me when I was asked this question a couple of weeks ago that I have been blessed with very astute and caring people in my life.

So what spurred the question you might ask? I uploaded a few infographics, comics and art on mental health awareness as a prelude to the opening of my group exhibition at InnerJoy Art Gallery, titled 'Be Kind. Have Courage', an exhibition on mental health awareness. I was touched that many of my friends and some acquaintances had reached out to see if I was ok not knowing the reason behind the actual posting. You know who you are so thank you for caring enough to drop me a note to check in.

The Covid-19 pandemic has heightened the levels of mental anguish, stress and sickness to its highest point worldwide. However due to the negative perception and social stigma, these issues have been swept away. What can we do to change this?

  • Shift your thinking that mental health issues are a sign of weakness. It is a dis-ease.

  • Stop ostracising people who suffer from mental health Issues.

  • Participate and be present. Check on yourself, your friends, colleagues, family members to see how you/they are coping especially during these uncertain and rough times.

  • Everyone processes stress and pain differently and for some it is debilitating. Empathy, compassion and patience are traits that one needs to have when dealing with individuals going through mental health issues.

  • Learn the symptoms. We are now living in an age where information is at your finger-tips. Use it to help yourself or to support another person.

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out and seek professional help. You are not alone and you don’t have to be strong all the time.

While working on creating my artworks, I decided that I wanted to show the hopelessness and chaos a person with mental health issues go through. Having said that, I also wanted the pieces to show hope and healing and to ensure the viewers that there are solutions and one can mend with the right professional help and treatment. The pieces were titled; I Feel, I See and I Touch respectively.

These pieces were very personal to me as I reconnected with the traumas I went through at a point in my life and the challenges I am facing currently. The birth of this series is a raw attempt of bringing my experience in handling grief, anxiety and hopelessness. I am very blessed to have the support of some truly extraordinary individuals who have always been there for me through thick and thin. They are my earth angels.

Due to the current CMCO, on site viewing of the artworks are prohibited. The works can be viewed online at The exhibition ends on 12.12.20.

There are three artworks for the 'You Matter' series of work. Captured some still movements during the process of creating these pieces. The works can be viewed under 'Latest' Artworks on the website.

I Feel

91cm x 91cm

Acrylic, Ink & Pastel on Canvas


The painting shows a humanoid holding on to a knotted string. The flower represents hope and healing reminding us that for individuals that go through mental health issues, recovery, is a life-long journey and it is important that they are supported with understanding, compassion and patience.


I See

91cm x 91cm

Acrylic, Ink & Pastel on Canvas


The humanoid in this painting is surrounded by chaos. The contorted body represents the pain it goes through while looking for a flower, representing hope and healing. Gently reminding us that we do not need to be strong always. We are allowed to ask for help.


I Touch

91cm x 91cm

Acrylic, Ink & Pastel on Canvas


The plethora of colours and markings engulfs the humanoid in this painting as it reaches out towards a flower, representing hope and healing. Dark days make us stronger, but for those who are going through mental health issues, everything seems bleak and hopeless always. We need to touch them with our kindness, patience and understanding.

What is your favourite piece and why? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks.

Remember....You matter...always!

Big Hugs.

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